Honeybaked Toluca Lake in the News

By Greg Smith, Staff Writer
The Dolfuss family moved to California from Texas when son, Marty, was eight. Marty's family opened their own HoneyBaked in Toluca Lake in 1978. Thirty three years later, the first Los Angeles HoneyBaked has adapted to the times while still offering the same delicious ham that put them on the map when Riverside Drive was dotted with but a few businesses here and there.

He had fond memories of working there as a little boy with his parents, aunt and grandma. Though his elders have since retired, he speaks about the current employees like they are direct descendents of the Dolfuss clan.

"Everyone employed has been at our HoneyBaked for at least 14 years. I think our ingredient for success, besides our tried and true HoneyBaked recipes, is having people we trust and genuinely care about in the trenches alongside us," Marty says. "It's my goal to be here in Toluca Lake for another 33 years."

For those unfamiliar with your local HoneyBaked, a reintroduction of sorts is taking place on Sat., Aug. 6, from 4-8 p.m. This is the perfect opportunity to be familiarized with HoneyBaked 2.0 and, well ... eat! There will be a wide array of samplers and hors d oeuvres, from their tried and true to the new grilled items and lunch menu.

"We're extremely excited to show residents, young and . old alike, what we have in store for them. Our new Grab-n-Go meals are perfect for working people. Ready-made full course meals are prepared nightly - just pick them up, kick back and enjoy! We offer a wide array of items these days, from pulled pork, chicken and pork chops to ribs, side salads and sandwiches.
We're particularly excited about our grilled menu, offering hamburgers, breakfast, tacos, chicken and fish sandwiches, French fries, grilled salads and more," Marty says. Anyone hungry now?

Catering is something HoneyBaked has done for years. For those in the corporate world, HoneyBaked caters hot and cold business lunches, accommodating from five - people to 105. Their excellent platters are there on time when you're pressed for time. ~

At HoneyBaked, Marty's mantra is to make eating easy and delicious so you can focus on the important things in live. His homegrown mentality is evident from the way he does business. Marty says:

"I've always felt that Toluca Lake is like a small town inside a big city. It's nice to be known, to be called by your name. To the community, I'd like to express my gratitude for your support over the years. Everyone at HoneyBaked appreciates you and looks forward to seeing you! Come by and get full!